Post Sugaring Instructions

*Stay Cool, Dry & "Friction" Free for 24 hours after your service

*Stay Clean & Free of bacteria from hands for 24 hours after your service

*No strenuous activity that might get sweat & bacteria on freshly sugared skin. For example, exercise should be avoided for 24 hours after your service

*No Sun Tanning for 48 hours after your service

*Keep showers cooler for 24 hours

*If you experience any inflammation apply a cold cloth or ice pack

*Begin exfoliating the sugared area 48 hours after your service

*After your first bikini area or brazilian service there may be some stubble or a few hairs that emerge from under the skins surface within a few days. Those hairs had not surfaced yet & were to short to get out during the initial service. You may want to schedule your next appointment within 2 weeks after your first service to help get the hair on the same growth pattern. After that time you can then come back within 6 weeks for maintenance.