Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Spray tans are hand sprayed by a trained technician. This ensures your tan is correctly applied for long lasting streak free results. 

You can expect a premium fresh product & an experienced spray tan application. The solutions are specially formulated and leave the skin hydrated and nourished for the best possible tan. Fortified with aloe and vitamins, and fueled with triple bronzers for the deepest, darkest most natural tan possible. 

You can choose a variety of colors that range from a light golden glow, a beautiful medium bronze or a rich dark brown and everthing in between depending on what you desire. 

Your tan will last approximately 7 to 10 days depending on your skins natural exfoliation rate and how moisturized you keep your skin. 

When you arrive to your airbrush spray tan appointment you will be asked to fill out a short intake form that will go over allergies or other health conditions that may be affected by an airbrush tan. The active ingredient in sunless tanning solutions is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). If you think you may have sensitivities to this, please ask for a patch test and wait 24 hours before you have a full body tan applied. A list of solution ingredients is available if needed. 

Before your session we will go over how to prepare for your tanning session and what to expect during and after. This will include:

*Undressing to your comfort level. Keep in mind whatever you leave on will produce tan lines. 
*Men are required to wear bottoms of their choice.
*Women under 18 may not tan nude. 
*Disposable undergarments are NOT provided.
*The tanning solution does not stain most materials but can stain Lycra and spandex so tanning with dark undergarments is recommended to be safe. 

*You will wear a hair cap provided to protect your hair.
*You will be advised how to apply barrier cream to nails, hands, feet and dry areas for the best results.
*Nose protection is available upon request.

To achieve the best longest lasting tan possible 
please follow these steps 24 hours before your appointment

*Gently Exfoliate your entire body thoroughly. This will remove dead skin and provide a new, smooth surface for your tan and lengthens the life of your tan. 

*Do not use harsh scratchy loofahs, as these can make you streaky

*Shave or have sugaring service done 

*Moisturize your entire body thoroughly. Your tan lasts longer if you stay moisturized

*Manicures and Pedicures should be done the day before your tan. If it must be done the same day, we will skip the moisturizing treatment at the end of the service.

The Day of  your Spray Tan Appointment and before you arrive

*Stay away from Dove products or soaps with moisturizes and oils in them. These soaps leave a film that can lead to a blotchy tan. 

*Remove all makeup, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant. Skin should be clean and dry with no soap or product residues. 

*Wear dark loose fitting clothing & flip flops to wear after your spray tan.

*No tight clothing or shoes, no jeans, boots or tight spandex type gym pants. 

After your spray tan appointment

*Wait a minimum of at least 6 to 8 hours before showering. 
It is normal to see bronzer wash off in your first shower. This is only the Cosmetic layer & not your actual tan. Your spray tan itself will not wash away once it has developed. It will wear off as your dead skin cells fall off. 

*Pat do not rub your skin dry after a shower or swimming. Remember swimming in  a pool or in salt water will remove your tan faster. 

*Avoid Long hot showers & baths as these will speed up the exfoliation process and dry out your skin. 

*If you choose to go swimming or in a hot tub, you can apply a waterproof SPF and it will help put a temporary barrier on your skin and help keep your tan. Swimming, hot tubs, hot yoga, daily workouts or excessive sweating will fade your tan faster.

*Do not shave your legs for at least 12 hours. Use a fresh razor when you do.

*Moisturize on a daily basis. 

*Stay away from  products containing heavy fragrance & alcohol.

*When your tan starts to fade,  gently exfoliate your skin with a fine polishing product to encourage even fading. I have some excellent products in the salon for purchase that are specifically made for pre and post spray tan care. 
Do not use any harsh scrub or exfoliating product at this time.